Balancing the mobility

We use data analytics to support Transportation Networks, Major Venues, and For-Hire Drivers increase operational efficiencies.

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Offering real-time visibility and market insights to better manage your operations

Kokpits provides the leading industry mobility analytics solution to allow places and drivers to better connect. With Kokpits, airports, stadiums, train stations, and other key infrastructure can experience direct efficiency improvements in reducing passenger wait time, road congestion, and emissions

Balanced Car Supply

Receive vehicles based on your passenger activity, area constraints, and pick-up area occupancy

Reduced Emissions

Lower emissions generated by vehicle idling in your area by telling drivers when you really need them

Lower Passenger Wait Times

We inform drivers about your demand needs and the status of vehicles waiting at the queue

Inclusive Approach

Our solution targets the key aspects that have caused fragmentation and inefficiency within the mobility market. We're presenting a comprehensive approach to address the most critical challenges for all stakeholders


We base all our solutions on delivering impactful results that drive sustainability forward

Community Engagement

Direct connection with local drivers to build strong relationships and improve your economic impact on the community

Operational Efficiency

Our ultimate objective is to optimize your operations flow and keep you informed about the market dynamics

Keep Scrolling

Let’s make cities work better together

We recognize the distinctive challenges unique to every mode of transportation and venue site. Our solution is adaptable and can be customized according to your requirements. We have industry experience in dealing with the most pressing challenges and cutting-edge technology to help you better manage your operations.

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